Give meaning
to organizations

The inspiration

For more than 20 years, the consulting firm ETHICS Group has been in contact with public, private companies, communities, and organizations of all sizes, and has supported them throughout their transformation. The experience, as close to the field as possible and to societal issues, has enabled to establish an assessment: there is an urgent need to give meaning to actions. In order to fix a common objective and stimulate stakeholders constantly, it is necessary to raise men and women’s conscience within organizations, to find the fondness to innovate, evolve, and better cooperate together.

The 9 fundamentals

The 9 fundamentals’ aim is to support the reflection on the needed evolution, or even the change, of our organizations. They aren’t a recipe, nor a method, nor a solution themselves. Nevertheless, the 9 fundamentals highlight the key points to consider. Among the contexts, the situations and the areas, it is up to each on of us to assimilate them, appropriate, and experiment them. It is the beginning of a reflection and a new path, to which one simply must commit...

The company within society

Current affairs show us that companies can create or intensify deeply anchored tensions. It is essential to work on these questions in-depth, in order to avoid unnecessary confrontation. We are convinced that this reflection, which we lead at ETHICS Group, must enable to reconcile the company and the society which cannot function separately, and tend towards a company with social purposes.

Initiate a
federating movement

A first gathering

The desire to involve the stakeholders toward a progressist management and turned toward excellence, has rapidly gathered people. The influence of The Good Company was particularly clear during a first world café held in November 2015. The meeting brought together leading economic players, joined by representatives of very different worlds such as education, voluntary/non-for-profit organizations, arts and crafts, and citizen innovation networks. The second event held in 2016, which confirmed this enthusiasm, a village of alternatives was also present to show concretely that is it possible to get out of conformism by the implementation of collective initiatives.

Set into motion

Change can only come from every one of us and must also co-build itself, within the framework of our organizations, public or private. The idea of wellbeing and living better in general are interdependent from those of the wellbeing and living better at work. To undertake this change, we mustn’t hesitate to want to reinvent ourselves. We all have this need to create new dynamics, and that is what the movement The Good Company is about.