In these special circumstances, our organizations must inevitably adapt the way they operate in order to cope. Because The Good Company has been carrying the principles of agility for years, we want to turn this constraint into an opportunity, to overcome together the effect of stupefaction…

All the events will thus be maintained in a new format:
remote and completely dematerialized.

Let us meet again during these innovative concertations to experiment together a new way of cooperation, in trust and goodwill. Let us rise to the challenge of this humanitarian crisis that affects our daily lives and our ecosystems, our confidence and our performance.

The concertations program for 2020

The Good Company meetings bring together all those who believe that organizations and society can evolve towards more humanity and agility through social, human and collective intelligence. Come and be inspired, share your experience and connect your ideas in the first third place of transformation!
Event location:
in remote connection during containment.


08 juin - Learning from the crisis to prepare a better future (Événement international en anglais)

The unprecedented situation we are experiencing forces us to try new ways of doing things, encourages us to go beyond ourselves and to rethink the way we function and collaborate as human beings. Therefore, in order to make the most of this special time and to collectively learn from each other’s experiences, you are invited to share your views on the practices we should continue after confinement.

Event location: in remote connection (online)
from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
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25 June - Developing individual responsibility for a collective ambition
How can we develop an awareness of results that is everyone’s business within the organization? Come and discover how to empower everyone to become a key player in collective success.
24 Sep - Developing the art of questioning and co-innovation to become an actor of one's future
How to activate the levers of transformation and questioning so that resistance to change is transformed into a taste for innovation and entrepreneurship? Participate in this event to better experience impermanence within your environment and organization.
26 Nov - Harnessing the power of language to mobilize your teams
Words are one of the cornerstones of management because of their power to influence the quality of human relations. If they question, interrogate, jostle and sometimes arouse emotion, they are also the driving force behind action full of meaning and vigor. The Good Company invites you to come and rethink the place of language to unite your teams and unleash the power of words…
May 28 - Moving from power relations to a relationship of trust
A new energy is revealed in the organization where the collective interest takes precedence over individual interest and where concern becomes everyone’s business. Come and experience “réseaunance” and deploy it within your organization.

Event location: in remote connection (online)

April 30 - Renewing one's workspace for new social relations
Que nous manque-t-il actuellement de nos espaces de travail habituels ? Le télétravail nous fait-il prendre conscience des usages que nous en faisions ? Comment devront s’adapter nos espaces et nos pratiques dans quelques semaines lorsque nous les retrouverons ? Ensemble, questionnons notre rapport à l’espace.
Event location: in remote connection (online)
March 26 - Collective intelligence at the service of performance
“Alone we go faster, together we go further”. What if operational performance increased with co-construction and cooperation? To be convinced, come and experience a time of collective intelligence The Good Company!
Event location: in remote connection (online)
27 Feb - Giving meaning to daily action to motivate a team
Do you think that giving meaning to daily action is a powerful lever of commitment, accountability, cooperation and performance for a team? Come grow your convictions and anchor them in action by exchanging with leaders from all walks of life. Register by clicking here!



18 June - Taking responsibility for sustainable environmental behaviour
As in the fable of the little hummingbird, carrying in its beak the few drops of a lake to try to extinguish the fire, we believe in the power of individual responsibility and citizen involvement to foster and nourish the collective.
Location: in remote connection (online)

Schedule: from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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08 Oct - Learning to live better together
Do you believe that another alternative to the permanent divisions and hatred on social networks is possible? Do you think that good living is not utopian, but within everyone’s reach? Come and bring these progressive ideas to work together with actors from different backgrounds, to regain the strength of the word cohesion.
19 Nov - Rethinking our relationship with nature
Have you heard of green cities? What if we learned to live with nature again? What link can we all find with nature in concrete and increasingly digitalized universes? Because we all have a role to play and ideas to carry, let’s create together new future perspectives to reconnect.
May 14 - Rethinking our Consumer Acts
Local, responsible, organic, ethical, sustainable, ecological, minimalist and reasoned consumption: all these trends are gaining in importance and are pushing us to rethink our acts of consumption, more than ever questioned. Far from being restrictive and constraining, we can experience it as a tremendous opportunity to innovate and regain meaning.

Event location: in remote connection (online)

02 April - Rethinking the education system
How can we restore confidence in schools and make them a driving force for innovation? How can synergies between schools and companies be strengthened? How can we rethink the place of teachers and inspire new confidence? Come and co-construct the world of tomorrow by taking part in the first The Good Company 2020 meeting on citizen innovation.
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Event location: remote connection (online)

Generations in

Colleges, High Schools, Universities, Business Schools, Engineering Schools… Let’s create links to invent together the world of tomorrow.

Meetings organized at the ETHICS Village

Come to meet the local players who dare to take the gamble of concerted transformation. These meetings open to all are times of exchange and collective intelligence, which take place at the ETHICS Village of Blagnac, the first third place of concerted transformation.

A physical third-place

Meetings physically take place in various cities, where we share and make our ideas grow in a climate of confidence.

Public from overseas

Companies, territorial collectivities, citizens, meetings request and unite actors from various profiles to get out from conformism.

A digital third-place

The social network of concertation Colidée ensure the union link between meetings to support the movement with the sharing and the continuous exchange of ideas.

Video presentation

The ETHICS Village