Create a synergy
between the stakeholders

Ease the cooperation between people

In order to succeed together, we need to cooperate efficiently. Beyond any technical stake, it is the ability of people to associate their know-how and to join forces which will lead to the success of The Good Company. As people are at the center of organizations, it is in the quality of interrelations that the efficiency of the global functioning lies in. Each organization must strengthen the ability of people to interact and cooperate, with feedback cycles, in a constructive spirit, and towards the same goal.

Cooperation within The Good Company is based on a discipline necessary to the balance of the group, that everyone respects, as the value of working, in a system of reciprocity. Reciprocity enables to create a balance in the relations between people.

Make concertation as a lever of transformation

With a greater mobilization of stakeholders around key subjects, and by instituting continuous concertation principles, The Good Company strengthens the understanding of the decisions made. The implementation of a constant concertation and social discussion enables to offer a more global and transversal view. Within this expression space, each one wonders about the organization’s general interest, adapts to everything, and seizes the stakes. This way, management closest to the field is eased, and the organization grows in maturity.

the 9 fundamentals

Share experiences, and free the collective initiatives

To unleash initiatives is to free the functioning of the company, by allow it to be more autonomous and efficient in its functioning, to make it more effective and reactive. Share your experience with other players of the movement The Good Company to inspire them, to promote meetings, and to feed yourselves and grow, personally and as an organization. Promote the sharing of knowledge, creativity and innovation, is to free the potentials, support the initiatives, to embody The Good Company.

Dare to change our habits

Head towards The Good Company is to dare facing the uncertainty and moving away from conformism. It also means accepting that if our world and our environment are changing, then our organizations must also change! It means moving away from our preconceived ideas and our habits, in order not to suffer and become a true player of our eco-system, thanks to a collective dynamic, an offensive and engaging attitude. Thus, why not begin now? Because you are not alone, let’s go together and meet those who dare making that move.