European meetings

Let’s discover together the local actors who dare to take the gamble of concerted transformation. These open meetings are times of exchange and collective intelligence, which takes place all around France and around Europe.

A physical third-place
Public from overseas
A digital third-place

Meetings physically take place in various cities, where we share and make our ideas grow in a climate of confidence.  

Companies, territorial collectivities, citizens, meetings request and unite actors from various profiles to get out from conformism.

The social network of concertation Colidée ensure the union link between meetings to support the movement with the sharing and the continuous exchange of ideas.

A time for collective intelligence

Women and men from an array of different companies meet to exchange and grow their ideas on the subjects which are relevant to themselves.

Some examples of reflections which can be developed during workshops:

  • To anchor in the territory and assume social responsibility
  • Concertation as a lever of organization’s transformation
  • Conditions for wellbeing at work
    Discover their reflexions on Colidée

A time for emotional intelligence

Seeing as our feelings guide our state of mind and reflections, share a privileged moment in the context of a sincere atmosphere, with sincere exchanges, attended by Alexandre GUERRERO, an exceptional lyric tenor, and Stephanie FONTANAROSA, a distinguished pianist.




Guideline example for illustrative purpose:


  • Introduction of the concertation subjects and collective intelligence


  • Participative workshops The Good Company


  • Rallying of the emotional intelligence with the recital
    of the lyric tenor Alexandre GUERRERO
  • The Good Company’s charter signature





The Good Company movement is on it’s way !